Will Boston Market be open on Christmas Day?

And not just a lot of places. For the most part, it seems that the Boston market will be open to the public on Christmas Day, according to Delish. And not only will many places be open, but if they follow the traditions of the past, they can also offer special holiday meals. It is served hot, for groups of 10 or more people.

We cool our full and fully cooked meals so they are ready when you are. Prime Rib food is sold raw, follow the cooking instructions below. Restaurants will be open on Christmas Day during their regular opening hours (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

For more information about this delicious restaurant chain. Visit the official Boston Market site or call your local store. The restaurant is usually open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and offers classic festive dishes in addition to its regular menu. Hard Rock CaféCommunicate with memories of various rock icons at Hard Rock Cafe with menu options for dinner and takeout on Christmas Day.

LOS ANGELES — While more retailers and restaurants may close their doors this Christmas, shoppers and prospective diners are not entirely unfortunate. To help you, we are gathering all the restaurants that plan to open on Christmas Day to help you have the most festive and least frustrating on December 25th. To save time and gas, it's always a good idea to phone quickly to confirm Boston Market holiday hours. Although 96 percent of Sonic Drive-Ins are franchisees and therefore don't have a set holiday schedule, most locations are open for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.

Del Taco Almost all of Del Taco's locations will be open for Christmas Day, but some are expected to close. Morton's SteakhouseReservations must be made in advance, but Morton's will serve Christmas dinner. If you want to feel good, head to Boston Market because they offer delicious food, attentive service and great value. Whether you're hosting a party or want your Christmas dinner delivered right to your door, there are plenty of options to suit any budget.

Del Frisco's is currently accepting Christmas Day reservations at many of its locations across the country, though not at its New York location. Boston Market's Christmas dinner offers a variety of pre-cooked dinners, including turkey breast with cranberry sauce or ham with pineapple glaze.

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