Will Boston close again?

Information is changing rapidly, we will update this page as new and relevant information becomes available, Racial Facts About Boston Residents. The best way for Boston to stay healthy and support our communities, businesses and cultural institutions is for more people to get vaccinated. B Together's policy helps us do that. Face masks are required in all indoor public settings in the city of Boston for all persons 2 years of age and older.

This summer we will launch a temporary pilot site to allow unprecedented access to Boston's neighborhoods for food trucks. You can find essential businesses that have remained open and dates when other businesses can begin to reopen. Find local restaurants that remain open for takeaway service and home delivery. You can also add restaurants to our list.

You can find virtual arts and culture events and programs organized by groups in Greater Boston, or add your own event to. Postponements and cancellations fill the news again. Infections forced many to alter their vacation plans, caused the NHL to suspend all its games, and left dozens of travelers stranded at airports, as the virus affected the airline workforce. And starting Monday, some non-essential medical procedures to protect healthcare capacity will be postponed.

An initial deployment of up to 300 Guard members is scheduled to assist some of the largest and most acclaimed medical facilities in the state, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, regional facilities such as Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester and Medical Center Milford Regional, according to a list provided by the state's Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Since January, the Boston Public Health Commission and the Boston EMS have taken extensive steps to prepare for a possible COVID-19 outbreak. The increase in the number of cases combined with the onset of colder weather and the upcoming holidays have raised the question of whether the state will move towards a wider closure. In a radio appearance Wednesday on Boston Public Radio, Wu said the mandate is necessary to keep customers at ease and prevent companies from being forced to close as cases continue to rise.

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