When does boston snow?

The weather in Boston is unpredictable. Some years, there is snow in November and others nothing until February.

The first winter snowfall in Boston

usually arrives in December. The last snowfall of the season usually occurs in March.

In the long term, Boston has averaged about half an inch of snow during October, November and April. But in most years those months are snowless. A large amount of snow from 18 to 28 inches was forecast in Boston, Providence, the New Hampshire coast to Portland, Maine and the upper Cape. Blizzard status was achieved in Boston, Worcester, Beverly, Hyannis, Marshfield and Martha's Vineyard, the NWS said.

Here are data and descriptions of how many days it snows and the total amount of snowfall that Boston usually receives. That could be established in areas just northwest of Boston to the Merrimack Valley and the south coast. The top prize of this storm was just south of Boston thanks to a band of heavy, semi-stationary snow that dropped from 1 to 3 an hour for most of the day. Swampscott and Danvers were among several towns north of Boston that ended up with more than 2 feet of snow.

During snow emergencies, discounted parking is available in some parking lots and garages for Boston residents. We hit the lowest 60 degrees in Boston this morning, but temperatures will be more than 20 degrees colder this afternoon. Boston was in the spotlight, and the city could have more than 2 feet of snow by the time you move in early on Sunday. We have information about vaccine safety, as well as a map and list of vaccination sites for eligible Boston residents.

As the storm finally begins to subside, the Boston National Weather Service has made it official, saying that snowstorm conditions were met in several areas of southern New England, including Boston, Worcester, Hyannis and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, and Providence, Newport, and Block Island in Rhode Island.

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