What train station in Boston?

The historic train terminal, opened in 1898, now serves thousands of travelers, shoppers and diners every day. Amtrak, MBTA Rapid Transit and MBTA Commuter Train serve the station every day. Regional bus services are available in the adjacent building of the South Station Bus Terminal.


itself is one of the most historic cities in the United States, its history is closely intertwined with the origins of the nation.

The expansion will allow passenger rail transport to grow along the Northeast Corridor (Washington-New York-Boston) and throughout greater New England. Boston's Puritan community has bequeathed to the city its culture of learning, self-sufficiency and hard work. Boston's reputation as the “Athens of America” is largely derived from the teaching and research activities of more than 100 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area, such as Harvard, MIT, Boston College and the University of Massachusetts Boston. The Trimontaine settlement changed its name to Boston on September 7, 1630, and Governor Winthrop founded the city of Boston on September 17, naming it after the city of Boston, Lincolnshire, from which many of the settlers came.

More than 50 events per year at the station, such as exhibitions, concerts, fundraisers, family-oriented programs, community-oriented programs and Holiday Train attract the wider community to support the station and its retailers. After the potato famine of 1845-49, Boston became a haven for Irish immigrants, who have since dominated the culture and leadership of a city with an increasingly diverse character. From downtown to downtown, the journey between the nation's capital and Boston can take as little as seven hours on the Acela Express. Boston also grew physically, not through annexation, but through landfill and the use of two of the three great hills, as well as debris and gravel sent to expand the peninsula to its current breadth.

Boston South Station is a terminal on the MBTA Red and Silver Lines, local and intercity buses, as well as Amtrak intercity routes. South Station is now the second busiest transportation hub in New England and is considered a gateway to Boston's revitalized financial and commercial center. Postal Service South Annex, which will provide an additional 16 acres to the station site; provision of adequate space for train layovers; and the extension of the Boston Harborwalk along a reopened Dorchester Avenue. Boston, Massachusetts, has good train service to and from the commonwealth capital, allowing airports to be avoided on several busy routes.

In the early 1770s, Boston played a major role in triggering both the American revolution and the ensuing war with Britain. The company consisted of the Boston and Albany Railways Company, the New England Railroad Company, the Boston and Providence Railways Corporation, the Old Colony Railroad Company and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railways Company.

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