What percentage of Boston is white?

The largest ethnic group in Boston is Irish, which accounts for 15.8% of the population, followed by Italians with 8.3% of the population. Those of Antillean descent account for 6% of Boston's population, and some areas have seen a large amount of immigration from Vietnam recently, while other areas are seeing an increase in the number of Dominicans. South Asians account for a substantial amount of Boston's immigration, and the city has the tenth largest Indian population in the United States. The highest high school graduation rate is among whites, with a rate of 96.25%.

The highest rate of bachelor's degrees is among whites, with a rate of 70.99%. The poverty rate among those who worked full-time during the last 12 months was 1.90%. Among those who worked part-time, it was 23.80 per cent, and for those who did not work, the poverty rate was 39.67 per cent. The white population in Boston, Massachusetts is 369,561, and 53.2 percent by percentage are white.

The black population in Boston, Massachusetts is 173,098, in percent, 24.9 percent are black. African-Americans refer to the black population in Boston, they are black racial groups from Africa, including sub-Saharan Africans, Kenyans, Nigerians, Caribbeans such as Haitians and Jamaicans. The most common industries in Boston, MA, by number of employees, are Social Assistance 26 (72,053 people), Professional, Scientific, 26 Technical Services (58,698 people) and Education Services (54,994 people). Among them is South Boston Online, founded in 1999, which appears in print and online, and covers events in South Boston and the Seaport District.

The most common workgroups, by number of people living in Boston, MA, are Management Occupations (50,675 people), Office Administrative Support Occupations & (40,544 people) and Business Finance Operations Occupations & (33,424 people). After the Revolution, Boston's long maritime tradition helped make it one of the busiest ports in the country for national and international trade. In 1630, the new settlement was named Boston in England, where many of the settlers came from. The largest universities in Boston, MA by number of degrees awarded are Boston University (11,988 and 27.3%), Northeastern University (7.454 and 17%) and the University of Massachusetts-Boston (3,774 and 8.59%).

By the end of the 19th century, Boston's main neighborhoods had become enclaves of ethnically distinct immigrants, and their residence produced a lasting cultural change. The following table shows how the percentage of people without insurance in Boston, MA changed over time compared to the percentage of people enrolled in various types of health insurance. The occupancy rate is 89%, 31.01% of homes are owner-occupied and 58.38% of homes are tenant-occupied in Boston. The following table shows how the median household income in Boston, MA compares with that of neighboring and parent geographies.

College and university radio stations include WERS (Emerson), WHRB (Harvard), WUMB (UMass Boston), WMBR (MIT), WZBC (Boston College), WMFO (Tufts University), WBRS (Brandeis University), WTBU (Boston University, campus and web only), WRBB (Northeastern University) and WMLN-FM (Curry College). Other major roads include US 1, which carries traffic to the north coast and areas south of Boston, US 3, which connects to the northwest suburbs, Massachusetts Route 3, which connects to the South Coast and Cape Cod, and Massachusetts Route 2 which connects to the western suburbs. After the Greater Boston fire of 1872, workers used the rubble of buildings as dumps along the downtown coast. Boston also operates the second oldest public high school in the United States and its oldest public elementary school.

In a city where people of color are in the majority, Boston has seen a decline in its black population over the past decade, according to new census data, a significant change that developed as the city is on the cusp of a historic shift in its political leadership. .

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