Is Boston working on a new album?

Boston has announced that it will release a new studio album, Life, Love & Hope, on December 3 through Frontiers Records. The album, which the band has worked on for more than a decade, is their sixth studio release and the continuation of Corporate America in 2002.


's brain Tom Scholz has never been known for his rapid change in new albums. Although the band is working on a new album, the newly named singer Tommy DeCarlo has wisely suggested that fans don't want to hold their breath while they wait for it. The resulting album, released last January, is inspired by some of DeCarlo's favorite artists in his childhood, including Boston.

Scholz was the only founding member of Boston to play on the tour, although former member Gary Pihl was also part of the band, and Dahme and Neal returned to bass and drums, respectively. Known as the inventor of the BOSTON sound, Scholz is the principal composer, lead instrumentalist and engineer, and continues to tour, playing for sold-out crowds throughout North America. DeCarlo also spoke about the new album during that same interview, saying that “it sounded like Boston, and that although he didn't know how far along Scholz was in the recording process, he was very excited that “at some point in the future, there will be an album. There was tension when CBS marketing connected Goudreau's solo album with Boston's signature guitar sound, even though Scholz hadn't played anything on this album.

According to a new statement from Boston, the favorites of classic rock, the band is almost finished, specifically, almost 85% complete, with work on a new studio album voiced by the late singer Brad Delp. Hashian played on Boston's first two hit albums, including his debut self-titled album in 1976 with the hit song More Than a Feeling, and his second album, Don't Look Back. Tom Scholz is recognized as a fan of perfectionist and control, so it's no surprise that Boston's new album developed under his full control. However, Michael has not participated in the recording of Boston's next studio album, which is now 85% complete.

Houston and Culture Club, the publisher now welcomes the legendary rock band BOSTON to its list. Tom Scholz also credited the late Brad Delp for helping to create the Boston sound with his signature vocal style. Scholz and Boston's Cinderella story tends to be reduced by some astronomical numbers (more than 17 million sold and that number is soft), which may seem appropriate for a brain. M.

Boston's classic self-titled album celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, has sold more than 17 million copies sold to date and it is almost certain that one of his songs is playing on some radio station in your local sphere right now. Tommy DeCarlo, a lifelong Boston fan who had been inspired by Delp's voice, sat down at his piano to write and finally record a tribute to the Delps. The opportunity came after he had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in a tribute show for Delp with the remaining members of Boston.

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