Boston, who is my city councilman?

The City Council is the legislative body of the city of Boston. Councillors are elected every two years by the citizens of Boston. The council is composed of four general councillors representing the entire city and nine district councillors representing specific areas of the city. View maps of various electoral boundaries.

Michelle Wu has always been a fighter like one of my students, and now as a councilwoman for the city of Boston. Bostonians can count on Michelle's bold and progressive leadership. Michelle has a passion for service and a vision for our city that is based on her own lived experience and belief in the transformative potential of politics. At this pivotal moment in our city's history, we need bold leadership, which is why I am proud to support Michelle's candidacy for mayor.

I have worked closely with Michelle Wu on the City Council, and I believe she is the candidate with the track record and values not only to protect the progress we have made, but to build upon it to create a city that is more equitable, just and resilient. Boston voters have decided at their next city council four municipal councillors general and nine district councillors. Brian Worrell, a newcomer to politics, is from Dorchester and is a real estate broker and small business owner, according to the Boston Globe. By law, Boston's municipal elections are non-partisan in the sense that candidates do not represent a specific political party.

Murphy, a resident of Dorchester, graduated from UMass Boston and is a single mother of four children. Born and raised in Hyde Park and Mattapan, Louijeune attended Boston Latin School before moving to New York to attend Columbia University. She was previously deputy director in the Mayor's Office of Housing Stability and a public interest attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services. Boston City Hall is the legislative branch of government for the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Prior to 1909, Boston's legislative body consisted of an eight-member board of councillors and a common council composed of three representatives from each of the city's 25 neighborhoods. From education to public safety, and from transportation to economic opportunity, Ed Flynn has been a leader in South Boston and throughout the city. The City Council holds public meetings to gather feedback from residents, community leaders and other valuable stakeholders in Boston. When the mayor of Boston is absent from the city or leaves office, the chairman of the City Council serves as acting mayor.

Through their work, city councillors ensure that Boston remains a great place to live, work and play. Boston uses a strong mayoral form of government in which the city council acts as a brake on the power of the executive branch, the mayor. He attended Boston Latin School before studying at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and Loyola University in Chicago.

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