Are boston terriers smart?

Boston Terriers are known to be very intelligent, sometimes too smart. Their lively and affectionate nature makes them extremely adorable, although their sometimes stubborn nature or their jets of hyperactivity can take them into hot water with their owners. Are Boston Terriers smart? Boston Terriers are lively and very intelligent. They are easy to train and do well in obedience competitions and dog sports such as agility.

There was research conducted by Stanley Coren, a canine psychologist at the University of British Columbia, which led to the list of the smartest dog breeds. According to Boston Terrier dog experts, Boston Terrier dogs score 5 on a scale of the smartest dog breeds. Boston Terriers are very intelligent dogs. They are also very stubborn, which can make them harder to train than other breeds.

The owner of a Boston Terrier must be patient when training and disciplining. Do you want to own a Boston Terrier and need to know if Boston Terrier is a smart breed of dog? According to pet experts, Boston Terrier dogs score 5 on the scale of intelligent dog breeds. Boston Terriers are very trainable, but they can be stubborn, so patience and persistence are sometimes required when training them. Boston Terriers love to watch those around them and will LEARN the habits and behaviors of other dogs around them, whether good or bad.

While your Boston Terrier is watching, put a reward under the cups and distract it for a few seconds before letting them discover the reward. To understand why Boston Terriers are indeed a smart dog despite being relatively in the middle in working intelligence and obedience. This may be difficult to measure, but there are some tests you can do with your Boston Terrier to see how good they actually are at adaptive intelligence. A scoring system is also used so you can find out where your Boston Terrier rests on the pet dog IQ spectrum.

Depending on the ancestry of a Boston Terrier (what his ancestors were raised for) and his current training, his abilities will vary. Boston Terriers are also known to be very good with children and other dogs due to their friendly nature. All pets have the ability to master new techniques, so be sure to keep looking for new things to teach your Boston Terrier. When selecting puzzle toys for your Boston Terrier, try to choose toys that are a little harder or that have different levels of difficulty.

Although it is not really as competitive with the top 3, which are Border Collies, Poodles and German Shepherds, the Boston Terriers are still smart enough to learn a new command with 25 to 40 repetitions and can also obey a known order on the first try 50% of the time. Removing your Boston Terrier regularly and exposing it to completely new environments and situations will greatly help build its intellect. Below are some intriguing realities related to Boston Terriers and the intelligence of other canines compared to people.

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